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by admin ~ September 14th, 2014

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Countdown is on!

by Rob Martin ~ September 28th, 2013

2 weeks today and we are open for the 2013 haunt season. our monsters have been crazy busy putting this years labyrinth together and it looks great. around every corner there is a new scene, bloodier than ever, scarier than ever before and just downright horrifying! A big shout out to this years animatronic suppliers, everything we ordered this year looks amazing and works great. Once again we created some excellent “in-house effects” so I hope to scare ya’ll there this year! If you go to just one Halloween event this year, treat yourself to ours, we are your worst nightmare. Mwahahahahaha!

New Toys are in transit to Potters House of Horrors

by cmartin ~ August 16th, 2012

We monsters are anxciously awaiting arrival of our latest creature creations.
Earlier this year we combed the Haunt Factories for some fresh Animations and found some dandies at Unit 70 studios. Not going to let out any secrets as to which ones, that you will have to come and see for your self!
Scare ya there!
October 12 th to October 31st!

Potters House of Horrors is Closed For the Season

by cmartin ~ November 2nd, 2011

That’s All Folks!
Another Haunting season has closed at Potters House of Horrors.

Many thanks to all of our Monsters, Actors, Security, Builders, Administration, and the entire Staff. It was a crazy end to the season and all your help was much appreciated. I hope we can work together in years to come.

Thanks to all the patrons that visit us this year and in years past. Sounds bad but “we do it all for you”. Thanks for supporting us.

Well its all over but the clean up…6 weeks to build and 1 week to tear it all down! Seems un-just but its gotta be done.

See you next year!


CM the GM


by dwilling ~ October 24th, 2011

This is the final week for the 2011 season and the reviews have been phenomenal!!! This is by far our best and most terrifying year yet!!! This coming weekend will be nuts so try and come during the week!!! You definitely do not want to miss out this year!!! Hope to see you all there!!!


by dwilling ~ October 14th, 2011

Tonight’s the night gals and ghouls!!! The Potter’s House of Horrors scare team has been hard at work these last 5 weeks to bring you our scariest, most terrifying, most jaw droppingly amazing event yet!!! The lights are in, the sounds are up, and the monsters are in place to give you the fright of your life. Doors open at 6pm for family hour and the full scare starts at 7pm!!! Get there early to beat the lines!!! Hope to scare you there!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Monster Profile Of The Day

by cmartin ~ October 10th, 2011

Name : Rob Martin
Age: Ageless
Title: Monster Tech/Builder
Rob has been putting the auto in the automation at Potters HOH since 2004. A background in pneumatic/fluid automation and valving with a global Valve supply house made him a very handy demon to have on staff at the haunt. And he just digs Halloween more than most people I know.

Monster Profile of the Day

by cmartin ~ October 9th, 2011

Name: Dan Willing
Role: Monster Builder/ Security
Age: Undead
Dan has survived with us for 7 years in one role or the other. The past few years he has been involved right from the get go and is largely responsible for the labarynth design and installation. Once the walls are up, we dare not cut him loose as he heads up our security staff each night of the run. Dan loves flowers, but he loves Haunting more.

Monster Profile of the Day

by cmartin ~ October 8th, 2011

Monster Profile Of The Day
Name: Roman Kluschev
Job: Monster Builder/Detail/Decor
Roman is our Russian Import. Import is code for spy we think. He brought all his scary secrets from Mother Russia to home here in Canada. He’s been with us in various roles since the very beginning. He’s our Body builder. That is he fab’s up all the crazy body parts into beasts that fill our displays inside. He’s injecting his creative juices into every set.

Monster Profile of the Day

by cmartin ~ October 7th, 2011

Name : Ashley Gibbons
Job: Monster Decor/Drama
Age: Unknown
Description: Ashley has worked with Potters HOH from the very beginning. She has a wicked way with a paintbrush, and dont get in her way at the line up to the chop saw. She fears no tool. 2011 sees her chairing the team of actors and that will terrorize the patrons at every corner.