Potter’s House of Horrors is proud to present LI’L HAUNTERS,
a kids-only haunt aimed at children 12 & under!!
Li’l Haunters is a cute, not-too-scary pair of mini-haunted houses that
we’re really excited about. Not overly dark, no loud noises, no
animatronics or actors, Li’l Haunters is a great way to introduce children
to the fun and excitement of haunted houses. The first house is called
Mystic Village. Take a little tour of a fun (and slightly creepy) ghost town
inside our cool Mystic Village (don’t worry, there aren’t any real ghosts!)
Once you exit the Mystic Village you can hop on over to Spooky Castle where
enchanted adventure awaits. What could be more fun than a hollowy spooky
castle full of magic and mystery? Come enjoy the fun of both mini-haunted
houses for one price!

**Please note: Li’l Haunters is recommended for children 12 & under.
Some children might enjoy Family Hour at Potter’s House of Horrors
instead of the Li’l Haunters display and other children might enjoy the
less-scary Li’l Haunters display. Parents know their children best and
should decide which of the displays is most appropriate for their child.
Family Hour at the House of Horrors is recommended for children 12 &
up but any age is welcome (including adults). All patrons of Family Hour
at the House of Horrors must pay to enter (adults, children, etc).
At Li’l Haunters, parents/ guardians are always free (one parent/ guardian
per child or group of children).

Li’l Haunters FAQ’s

How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets may be purchased HERE

What is the difference between Li’l Haunters and Family Hour?
Good question. Family Hour at the House of Horrors is actually taking a tour through our big and scary haunted house
but with brighter lights, lighter sounds and no animatronics/ actors. Many children find it to be VERY frightening and many
children have the best time ever! Li’l Haunters is actually a separate display in a different building on our property. Liíl Haunters is not
made to frighten children but more to introduce them to the extremely thrilling and magical world of community haunted house.

Is it really scary???
The Li’l Haunters display is not made to be particularly scary for children. Some children might find it not-so-scary and
maybe even start to yawn! For these brave children our Family Hour at Potter’s House of Horrors might be just the thing
to get rid of those yawns (and turn them into screams!). Other children can find Li’l Haunters VERY frightening. It is up to parents
to gauge which display is most appropriate for their child. We have pictures of both displays at our cash desk and that can
help parental judgement.

How much do parents/ guardians have to pay?
Nothing! Parents and guardians are always free at Li’l Haunters (one parent/ guardian per child). Parents/ guardians are, of
course, welcome to accompany their child through the display. Adults will find the displays cute but likely not very scary so we
recommend adults come enjoy our Potter’s House of Horrors from 7pm to 10pm to get the pants scared off ya!

Does my child get to go through the display just once?
No, all children have up to 20 minutes to explore the Li’l Haunters area and can take multiple trips through the haunts if they so desire.

You call these haunted houses “mini-haunts”… what does that mean?
Li’l Haunters is actually two small haunted houses for children. They’re not overly long but they’re cute and fun and children can
take multiple tours through them if they so desire.

Is the display out in the rain?
No, the Li’l Haunters display is under cover. Line-ups can sometimes go into the rain but we do our best to keep our patrons happy n dry! .

Can I give you some suggestions on how to make Li’l Haunters even better?
Yes! Li’l Haunters is relatively new to Potter’s House of Horrors. We’d love to hear how we could make it even more fun for your child! Email us at with your suggestions!